EV Cashout

Say good-bye to WHAP, TILT, BAD BEAT emotes!
No more face-palming, just remember that EV Cashout has your back!

"Deuces never loses" has given all of us all a good laugh at some point, but if you're the one holding the aces
now that ain't funny.
It's more like a rage-quit moment.

Well, no longer do you have to keep the phrase 'Bad Beat' in your lexicon.

EV (Expected Value) Cashout is a feature that gives players under certain conditions who are all-in the option to collect the expected value of their hand without having to play the hand to the showdown.

How It Works

When multiple players all go all-in, and one player has 60% or higher pot equity after all live players have revealed their hole cards, they will be offered an EV Cashout.
• If the player accepts the EV Cashout offer, the Cashout will be paid to the player regardless of the result of the hand, risk free and the player will forfeit the pot.
• If the player declines the EV Cashout offer, they will continue to play for the pot and any other side pots.
• EV Cashout is offered only after the flop cards have been dealt.

Calculating the EV Cashout

EV Cashout is calculated as follows.
• Cashout = (Pot size - rake - jackpot fee) x Equity
• A fee of 1% of cash out value will be applied while using EV Cashout on all Cash Game tables.

Details & Limitations

• EV Cashout is offered in Hold’em, PLO, PLO-5, Rush & Cash, and Short Deck.
• When there are multiple pots, EV Cashout will be offered combining all pots which the player is eligible to win.
• In a two-way all-in situation, the underdog will only have the option to suggest RIMT, and will not be able to choose EV Cashout.
• Cashout will be paid after the hand finishes.
• If the player does not accept the EV Cashout within the given time, the offer will be automatically declined.